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My interest in piano design probably began with an early curiosity into the reasons for poor tonal regions of many pianos, particularly the transition from bass to tenor. This, along with the difficulty of easily obtaining high quality bass strings, led me on a journey of study and exploration into the art of bass string design and manufacture.

The service I provide is different to traditional bass string suppliers. I don't work from old string sets; I work from scale data taken directly from the piano. This is the only way in which the tension, inharmonicity, break percentages, loudness & sustain can be evaluated and I look at all of these parameters in addition to the wrap ratios when I am designing a new set of strings. This does mean that you'll need to take accurate measurements (I'm not really interested in working from rubbings either - too much room for error).


Copying old string sets is actually a rather poor way of producing new strings; the strings I design are optimised to the design of the piano with resulting improved tone, tunability and tuning stability. I have a detailed booklet that fully explains the service along with how to take a set of scale measurements - please send an enquiry if you're interested in receiving this.

I also make replacement single strings to pattern (or measurements).

I use Roslau core wire with Degan copper. The loops (eyes) are professional-looking and guaranteed not to break or unravel. If I am supplied with accurate measurements, then you can expect the copper alignment of the new strings to be equal to or better than most new pianos.

I am confident that these are among the best quality strings you can get and there are well over 5000 optimised strings out there being enjoyed!

Winding terminations
Note the excellent winding terminations on my string sets! Photo courtesy of Graeme Harvey.