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Stephen Powell
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Piano & Player Piano Restoration

I have a very well equipped workshop with numerous light industrial woodworking machines. The purpose built area includes a general restoration area, woodworking room, and bass string manufacturing room. With the variety of tools and jigs that I own, plus the extensive range of supplies, there is very little in the way of piano and player piano rebuilding that I can't handle.

I have a particular passion for pneumatic player pianos, but as the player is only as good as the piano it plays,
I don't cut any corners in the restoration of the instrument itself. Player pianos require a number of restoration tools, techniques and materials that differ from regular piano restoration and require meticulous attention to detail to insure that the instruments remain reliable.

Be aware that many of the pianos being rebuilt today are approaching or over 100 years old. Decades ago,
it was possible to rejuvenate these instruments by refelting the actions and restringing with over-sized tuning pins. Many of these pianos (which on the whole where only designed to last around 40 years!) have flat, lifeless soundboards and worn out actions. Restringing these tired pianos without replacing the soundboard/bridges/binblock etc can result in a pretty looking but tired and disappointing sounding instrument!